Product Features

  • High power density and compact length
  • Designed and proven reliability for 150,000 miles
  • Optimized voltage control for improved battery life
  • Low noise under operating condition
  • Higher power to weight ratio in each category - RC21, RC28 and RC35

Key Features

  • Improved heat dissipation by dual internal cooling fans
  • Enclosed slip rings
  • High corrosion resistance E-coated rectifier & stator
  • Flexible stator winding configuration to meet the customer power requirements.
  • High slot fill factor
  • Optimized electrical grade of lamination
  • Optimized copper and iron area
  • Efficient airflow and NVH performance
  • Ultrasonic welding for extended durability
  • Thin core lamination for low eddy current loss
  • Reduced basket height for lower inductance and I2R losses.

Alternator Motor Portfolio

* Technical Specification are subject to change.