Sunjay Kapur


The automotive industry is aggressively disruptive. It is against this backdrop that Sona Comstar has come together to combine precision forging finesse and electrical excellence to become one of India’s leading automotive technology companies. With a strong focus on research and development (“R&D”), we develop mechanical and electrical hardware systems, components as well as base and application software solutions, to meet the evolving demands of our customers. Our breakthrough mindset enables us to deliver newer automotive solutions in the pursuit of excellence in green automation. We are one of a few companies globally, with the ability to design high power density EV systems handling high torque requirements with a lightweight design, while meeting stringent durability, performance and NVH specifications of EV manufacturers.
Sona Comstar designs, manufactures and supplies highly engineered, mission critical, automotive systems and components such as Differential Assemblies, Differential Gears, Conventional and Micro-Hybrid Starter Motors, BSG systems, EV Traction Motors (BLDC and PMSM) and Motor Control Units to automotive OEMs across US, Europe, India and China, for both electrified and non-electrified powertrain segments. In calendar year 2020, we were among the Top 10 players globally in the Differential Bevel Gear market, and are also expected to be among the Top 10 global Starter Motor suppliers to the Passenger Vehicle Industry. We have been gaining global market share across products to reach a share of approximately 5.0% for differential bevel gears, 3.0% for starter motors and 8.7% for BEV differential assemblies, in calendar year 2020. We have nine manufacturing and assembly facilities across India, China, Mexico and USA, of which six are located in India, from where we supply our products to six out of the top 10 global Passenger Vehicle OEMs, three out of the top 10 global Commercial Vehicle OEMs and seven out of the top eight global Tractor OEMs by volume. We are a global supplier and we are also one of the two largest exporters of starter motors from India. We enter this age of rapid change firmly rooted in our values and unwavering focus on safety and quality, while simultaneously keeping our eyes on the prize of being future-ready. We extend our sincere gratitude for your belief in us as a team. Welcome to the new era of Sona Comstar. We look forward to your continued support and feedback.