01 Life @Sona Comstar

Innovate. Celebrate. Repeat.

We are an innovation led, product-centric company. Our culture revolves around making newer, better and more economical systems and components for our automotive customers around the world, in order to help them make human mobility safer, faster and easier. Our values of Integrity, Vitality, Frugality and Agility drive each of our actions and behaviors. We firmly believe that what we do is who we are, and we aim to live our values every day in building more respect and value for our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and all other stakeholders.

02 Our Values

What we rely on

At Sona Comstar we believe to always do the right thing, no matter what the cost, no matter if anyone is looking. Build better & more economical products faster. Thereby adhering to Integrity, Vitality, Frugality & Agility.

Core Values
Core Values

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